MCC Match Details

Season: Team: Round:
SECA J Grade
Round 1, 7 Oct 2017
, 2 day match
Murrumbeena vs Highett West 2
Murrumbeena won toss and batted
Murrumbeena 8/213 lost to Highett West 2 5/224 on First Innings by 11 runs

First Innings

Geoff Stringer18
Greg Eyres29
Mark Hoyne54
Patrick Bates (c)5
Andrew Nguyen8
Toby Nguyen4
Jack Hoyne12
John Delaney29
Paul Bates32*
Oscar Bates3*
Ned Eyres (wk)
Total (55 overs)8/213
Geoff Stringer415
Greg Eyres625
Mark Hoyne719
Patrick Bates (c)47
Andrew Nguyen7335
Toby Nguyen221
Jack Hoyne9138
John Delaney9127
Oscar Bates424
Run Outs/Extras13
Total (51 overs)5/224

TeamFall of Wickets
Murrumbeena 1/42 (G Stringer) 2/97 (G Eyres) 3/116 (P Bates) 4/116 (M Hoyne) 5/120 (T Nguyen) 6/135 (A Nguyen) 7/147 (J Hoyne) 8/204 (J Delaney)
Highett West 2 1/62 2/94 3/94 4/154 5/165

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