MCC Statistics: JD's Blog

From time to time JD answers questions related to statistics of the Murrumbeena Cricket Club. It is not impossible that some of the questions are asked by himself! Sometimes these will appear weekly, particularly during the cricket season, but often months go past between updates. This page is effectively an archive of the various statistics listings which he has produced.

Dec 14 2018: 60 year olds at Beena, and the oldest team ever to take the field
Feb 13 2019: Three Hundreds, and Three Hundred, and other high scoring stats
Feb 19 2019: Youngest and Oldest players to take a 5-for, and other stats
Feb 25 2019: Successive 100s, twin centuries, and 300s, plus oldest centurion and captain
Mar 6 2019: Oldest hat-tricks, high scoring matches, most consecutive games in the First XI