MCC Match Details

Season: Team: Round:
South D2
Round 1, 9 Oct 1999
, 1 day match
Murrumbeena vs Ormond
Ormond won toss and batted
Ormond 9/166 def Murrumbeena 6/145 on First Innings by 21 runs

First Innings

Andrew Youl1
Glenn Rogers51241
Marc Favre13351
Scot McDonell1
John Gange5125
Brett Hardham8439
Dale Murchie20
Shaun McLeod1
Andrew Hall1
James McArthur5323
Run Outs/Extras4
Total (36 overs)9/166
Andrew Youl6
Glenn Rogers27
Marc Favre12
Scot McDonell8
John Gange32*
Brett Hardham24
Malcolm McRae (c)12*
Dale Murchie (wk)2
Shaun McLeod
Andrew Hall
James McArthur
Total (36 overs)6/145

TeamFall of Wickets
Murrumbeena 1/12 (A Youl) 2/49 (M Favre) 3/50 (G Rogers) 4/63 (S McDonell) 5/104 (B Hardham) 6/115 (D Murchie)
Ormond 1/5 2/55 3/74 4/99 5/100 6/103 7/104 8/119 9/148

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