MCC Notable Performance Listing

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Carried Bat

McAlister, Jack43* of 1131943-44GFAEast Caulfield (2nd)
McAlister, Jack41* of 8/194 all day1949-503AOrmond
McAlister, Jack101* of 9/171 all day1952-532BTooronga
McAlister, Jack91* of 2091953-548BGlen Waverley
McDermott, Bob50* of 1031960-6152Black Rock
Wiseman, Peter67* of 7/156 all day1960-618U16Clayton Youth Club
Craig, Ron106* of 3/228 all day1961-625U16East Malvern
McAlister, Jack23* of 2/26 all day1963-6424Hampton
Healy, David73* of 9/222 all day1963-648U16East Malvern
McAlister, Jack76* of 1681963-64SF4McKinnon (2nd)
Watson, Ern43* of 1491964-65GF4Hakoah Ajax
Hardham, Leigh32* of 991965-66GFU16East Malvern
Fitts, Brian82* of 1721967-6853Highett
Fitts, Brian60* of 6/139 in 28 overs1968-6973Ormond
Hardham, Leigh118* of 2/173 all day1968-698U16East Malvern
Watson, Ern25* of 601970-7134Black Rock
Watson, Ern40* of 911975-7615Washington
Griffin, Ian39* of 611975-763U16Channon Park
Bailes, Rick63* of 0/172 in 45 overs1975-7693South Yarra/Windsor
Macwhirter, Don100* of 0/172 in 45 overs1975-7693South Yarra/Windsor
Byford, Paul41* of 3/82 in 17 overs1976-772U14Chadstone
Byford, Paul57* of 3/100 all day1976-777U14Salesian College
Hardham, Leigh60* of 2/141 in 30 overs1977-7831Highett
Gilbert, John46* of 5/106 in 30 overs1977-7843East Malvern
Frew, John63* of 5/137 in 30 overs1977-7844Sandringham - Black Rock
Murnane, Lee102* of 4/235 all day1977-7866Emmanuel
Fielder, John86* of 5/154 in 40 overs1978-7924Brighton East
Sturt, Darren42* of 9/125 all day1978-792U14Clayton District
Fielder, John24* of 601978-79105Wheelers Hill (2nd)
Hindmarsh, John80* of 9/166 all day1979-8085Clayton Youth Club
Sturt, Darren37* of 1/103 in 18 overs1980-8110U16Oakleigh
Krivaci, Charlie20* of 8/71 in 24 overs1982-832U14Chadstone
Delaharpe, Mick74* of 6/162 in 35 overs1982-83122Royal Park Brunswick
Price, Adam52* of 4/95 in 20 overs1984-852U16Oakleigh
Dent, Joe42* of 4/131 in 24 overs1984-852U14Brandon Park
Hogendoorn, David32* of 3/66 in 21 overs1987-888U16St Andrews
Allen, Peter31* of 4/132 in 36 overs1988-8914Elsternwick
Hay, Peter57* of 4/130 in 32 overs1988-8922Old Essendon Grammarians
Blum, Peter100* of 2061988-8944South Caulfield
Hay, Peter96* of 7/225 all day1988-8951Hampton
Evans, Doug55* of 2/110 in 34 overs1988-8973East Malvern
McDermott, Jim71* of 2/132 in 36 overs1989-9014South Caulfield
Hardham, Leigh72* of 3/137 in 34 overs1989-9061McKinnon
Gillbee, Anthony63* of 6/151 in 32 overs1989-9075St Pauls Glen Waverley
Gillbee, Anthony30* of 2/90 in 24 overs1989-908U16Mazenod
Dutton, Craig41* of 0/153 all day1989-9011U16Trinity
Gillbee, Anthony97* of 0/153 all day1989-9011U16Trinity
Wright, Barry29* of 4/55 in 21 overs1989-9011U14Trinity
Dutton, Craig66* of 0/183 all day1989-90GFU16Salesian College
Gillbee, Anthony103* of 0/183 all day1989-90GFU16Salesian College
Dutton, Craig64* of 5/126 in 40 overs1990-9112Newport
Dutton, Wayne62* of 8/172 all day1990-916U16Mazenod
Hay, Peter57* of 1351990-9181McKinnon
Thomas, Matt106* of 1/155 in 22 overs1990-9111U16Clayton District
Price, Adam100* of 4/155 in 32 overs1991-9225Oakleigh Dist Footballers
Dutton, Wayne26* of 1051991-923U16East Oakleigh
Dutton, Wayne24* of 3/60 in 20 overs1991-928U16Wheelers Hill
Bailes, John69* of 6/135 in 35 overs1992-9331Old Mentonians
Marshall, Rowan40* of 731992-937U16Wheelers Hill Red
Dutton, Wayne41* of 3/104 in 45 overs1992-9383Heatherton
Dutton, Wayne32* of 701992-9393South Caulfield
Hardham, Leigh102* of 8/256 all day1993-9471South Caulfield
Dutton, Craig62* of 4/130 in 45 overs1993-9482Hampton
Gillespie, Brett21* of 7/81 in 40 overs1996-9724Mentone
Jones, Russell100* of 4/274 all day1996-9763Brighton East
Hay, Stephen105* of 1/233 in 45 overs1996-9771Youlden - Parkville
Gange, John45* of 9/90 in 28 overs1996-9785St James
Fielder, John61* of 5/148 in 40 overs1997-9834Ormond
Seal, John34* of 4/93 in 36 overs1998-9983Middle Park
Lamb, Troy121* of 4/152 in 24 overs1999-001U16East Malvern
Hardham, Leigh126* of 4/219 all day1999-0041Avondale Heights
Seal, John46* of 6/106 in 36 overs1999-0063Clayton District
Seal, John34* of 8/154 all day2002-0323St Johns/St Bedes
Singh, Gargan55* of 3/88 in 0 overs2003-0413Albion
Grant, Lachlan73* of 6/225 all day2004-05GFU17Toorak-Prahran
Seal, John27* of 4/114 in 36 overs2005-0674Clayton District
Seal, John40* of 1/116 in 36 overs2005-06134Middle Park
Burns, Gary35* of 1112006-07164Carnegie
Bailes, John107* of 0/191 in 36 overs2008-0973Parkdale United
Fenton, Brett70* of 0/191 in 36 overs2008-0973Parkdale United
Lamb, Troy113* of 5/182 in 40 overs2010-1191Bonbeach Tangy
Lamb, Troy113* of 5/185 in 40 overs2010-11101Dingley
Ross, Alex62* of 1822011-125U15Carnegie-Murrumbeena
Hargrave, Darcy32* of 722011-1272Bonbeach Tangy
Gale, Luke87* of 3/157 in 20 overs2012-1319South Caulfield
Paranagama, Praveen79* of 4/208 all day2013-148U17Glen Waverley Cougars
Lamb, Troy101* of 3/219 in 40 overs2014-1531Mentone
Dennis, Tim45* of 1/121 in 36 overs2015-16194Cheltenham
Coplestone, Joshua99* of 2/182 in 20 overs2017-185U17Oakleigh Croft
Grewcock, Lachie29* of 3/63 in 20 overs2017-185U15Caulfield Gold
6* of 852017-188U15Malvern Blue
Coplestone, Ned68* of 0/147 in 20 overs2018-191U17Balwyn
Smith, James F69* of 0/147 in 20 overs2018-191U17Balwyn
11N of 1372018-194U15Prahran
Emms, Lachlan28N of 1512018-194U15East Malvern Tooronga
Anstee, Cooper46N of 1472018-198U15Toorak-Prahran Gold
Anstee, Cooper35* of 3/98 in 20 overs2019-201U15Oakleigh
Ubachs, Jamie22N of 1182019-206U15Toorak-Prahran Green
Hay, Alex78* of 6/183 in 40 overs2020-21111Parkdale
Zandberg, Harrison E2H of 712020-2111U15Glen Iris
Anstee, Cooper98* of 1/164 in 24 overs2021-224U17Mt Waverley
55* of 1/144 in 24 overs2021-2212U17Croydon

Includes matches starting on 23/11/2022