Centuries in Successive Matches

Successive 50s
3 Consecutive Centuries
Jack McAlisterA1937-387Malvern128
A1937-388Caulfield City144
A1937-3810East Malvern145
2 Consecutive Centuries
Walter PerrinsA1927-286Glen Iris127*
Alex Lundy51932-338Springvale109
51932-339Glen Iris108
Alex Lundy51933-3410Waverley Park134
Jack McAlisterA1935-367Ormond124*
Stan WatsonC1939-407Ormond101*
Wally Driver11958-5910Clifton Hill104 (2)
11958-5911Richmond District116
Peter C Newton51962-6310Caulfield Socials128 (2)
51963-642East Malvern116*
Ken Gray21982-8310Royal Park Brunswick124
21982-8311South Caulfield100
Don McDermott31996-9710East Malvern131* (2)
Troy Lamb12010-119Bonbeach Tangy113*
Brad Kruger12018-1913Mentone105
12018-1914Brighton District108
Note 1: Round 9 in Jack McAlister's sequence of 3 centuries was a bye
Note 2: Peter Newton's two centuries are only a possibility. Round 10 was his first or second match at the club, and the last of the regular season. The 5th XI played in the semi and grand final, Peter was obviously ineligible. He is not mentioned in round 1 the following season, and made another century in round 2. In the absence of a full scorecard we do not know whether he played, but did not score enough runs to be listed in the newspaper report, or whether he was perhaps unavailable for round 1. We will never know.

Includes matches starting on 23/11/2022