Jim McDermott Award winners

In 1992-93, to perpetuate the memory of two of the greatest cricketers to have played turf cricket for the club, the Jim McDermott (batting) and Don Johnston (bowling) Awards were inaugurated. Both are life members of the club

Jim first played for Beena in the U16 in 1951-52 as a 12yo and by 1956-57 was a permanent fixture in the first XI where he remained for the next 20 years. Jim then played in the lower XIís until his premature death in 1992. During this time, he amassed 8814 runs and until recently held the clubs highest score in the 1st eleven (149). Jim captained all 5 XIís including the First XI premiership winning team of 1966-67.

Jim also represented the VJCA (VTCA) in many games, both at home and on tour. Widely respected for his approach to the game, he was an inspiration to many a player and will always be remembered for his flowing cover drives. The pavilion at Beena is named after Jim.

1992-93John Bailes33341.62
1993-94Brad Nash30060.00
1994-95David Hardham34534.50
1995-96Rohan Paulpillai39439.40
1996-97Peter Way51557.22
1997-98Peter Way55655.60
1998-99Kapila Jayasuriya30243.14
1999-00Kapila Jayasuriya30944.14
2000-01Leigh Hardham31835.33
2001-02Indika Konara36536.50
2002-03Leigh Hardham33433.40
2003-04Leigh Hardham41746.33
2004-05James Ivory26232.75
2005-06Troy Lamb47547.50
2006-07Troy Lamb61547.31
2007-08Ross Symons25135.86
2008-09John Bailes41759.57
2009-10Ross Symons34738.56
2010-11Leigh Hardham20969.67
2011-12Troy Lamb46442.18
2012-13Troy Lamb76050.67
2013-14Jonathon Atkinson43943.90
2014-15Troy Lamb50038.46
2015-16Dan Parkinson21253.00
2016-17Romain Grenville33730.64
2017-18Brad Kruger73581.67
2018-19Brad Kruger77864.83
2019-20Deepak Prasad37753.86
2020-21Jared Williams35335.30
2021-22Leigh Hardham21335.50

Don Johnston Award winners