Don Johnston Award winners

In 1992-93, to perpetuate the memory of two of the greatest cricketers to have played turf cricket for the club, the Jim McDermott (batting) and Don Johnston (bowling) Awards were inaugurated. Both are life members of the club.

Don first played at Beena in 1945-46 in the 4th XI as a 13yo. A fiercely competitive player he instilled fear and trepidation into opposition batsmen with his 'demon' fast bowling. Don was a regular member of the 1st XI until stepping down to captain the 2nd XI winning 2 premierships before retiring at the end of the 1970-71 season. In all, Don took 823 wickets, a turf record that still stands. He still holds the club record of most number of wickets in season for both the first XI (89) and 2nd XI (77). Over his career he took 6 hat-tricks (including 2 in the one innings) and a double hat-trick.

1992-93Nick Paton2111.05
1993-94Simon Goold3112.45
1994-95Brad Nash2012.25
1995-96Chris Bannon2912.90
1996-97Peter Way3010.47
1997-98Jarod Hancock579.05
1998-99Andrew Paton2812.79
1999-00John Gange2110.14
2000-01John Gange2111.00
2001-02Andrew Paton2411.00
2002-03Dean Anderson368.86
2003-04Sean Thornton3310.27
2004-05David Hardham247.75
2005-06David Hardham238.48
2006-07Mark Hardy3312.42
2007-08David Hardham289.68
2008-09Darren Carrick207.30
2009-10Leigh Hardham217.57
2010-11Will Rudge4910.24
2011-12Prayank Gupta2714.70
2012-13Andrew Paton269.38
2013-14Ikram Khan219.00
2014-15Troy Lamb2913.48
2015-16Phil Carter2213.77
2016-17Jason Ward2014.45
2017-18Dan Parkinson2312.78
2018-19Deepak Prasad2510.72
2019-20Brad Kruger2310.09
2021-22Jackey Patel287.93
2022-23Jack Anstee2016.50

Jim McDermott Award winners